Netflix Orders Live-Action Alice In Borderland Series

Be careful what you wish for. This is the number one message of Alice In Borderland, a manga series that has recently been acquired by Netflix to turn into a live action series next year, 2020. While the manga series hasn't skyrocketed up the charts, the devilish premise along with detailed and three dimensional characters create an amazing atmosphere that would work well for a television program, whether it's animated or live. The series itself will be directed by Shinsuke Sato, who was most known for his work on the properties of Kingdom and Inuyashiki to name a few.

Anime News Network shared the information that Netflix was looking to create a live action adaptation of the "life or death" property, supplying fans with a new heart pounding adventure next year:

The series begins with three high schoolers that are bored with their everyday lives, looking for a little excitement in a world of banality. Unfortunately for them, their wish comes true as after a fireworks display, the three wake up in a new apocalyptic world where they are greeted with the prospect of "playing a game" wherein the prize is their lives. Certainly, the series illicits a Battle Royale and/or Hunger Games feel, wherein teenagers are placed into a survivalist situation where tough decisions will have to be made all around.

Alice In Borderland
(Photo: Silver Link)

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Alice in Borderland was originally created by Haro Aso in 2010. The "suspense Shonen manga" ran from 2010 to 2016 in the publication, Shonen Sunday Super. Following the original run, the series produced two spin off titles in the forms of Chi no Kyokuchi - Daiya no King-hen and Alice on Borderroad. The series also produced an "original video animation" distributed by the producers at Silver Link that ran for three episodes. The upcoming live action series will premiere on Netflix in 2020.


The official synopsis for the upcoming Alice In Borderland series from Netflix reads as follows:

"Ryohei Arisu has been irritated with his intolerable everyday life. One day, when he is hanging around Tokyo with two of his friends, a mysterious light is shot, then all the people around them disappear. In the emptied Tokyo, deadly "games" begin one after another. Arisu and his friends struggle to survive through the unreasonable games that can easily take their lives."