Anime Cruise to Set Sail in 2020

Throughout the history of anime, we've seen the medium bleed into the real world in a number of strange and different ways. In the world of sports, a number of athletes will mimic dances seen in Dragon Ball Z when they hit the end zone. In Mixed Martial Arts, fighters will recreate hand signs they saw in the Hidden Leaf Village of Naruto. Now, anime is once again traversing new ground with fans having the opportunity to travel the seven seas aboard a cruise that specializes in the culture of anime and Japanese Pop Culture.

Oceanime Cruises will launch next year, according to their Official Twitter Account, that will seemingly be a vacation that focuses on the medium of anime, rather than any particular series or franchise that has been featured throughout the numerous years of its history:

Sailing has been a big part of a lot of different anime series, with the biggest of course being One Piece. The Straw Hat Pirates frequently sail the seas of the Grand Line in order to make a name for themselves and set up Monkey D. Luffy as the future King of the Pirates. Surely, with this upcoming cruise, One Piece will have something of a role to play by either the crew behind Oceanime or the patrons staying aboard the ship.


However, sailing in anime isn't always well received and specifically, we're making mention of the Berserk manga wherein Guts and his crew were travelling aboard the hull of a ship for what was several years of real time. While the journey wasn't nearly as long in the story, fans definitely felt the time pass by as numerous delays kept the story of Guts held onto that one moving locale.

Will you be travelling aboard the Oceanime cruise when it begins setting sail next year? What anime do you think should have the biggest presence on the upcoming ships? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and anime based cruise ships!

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