Dragon Ball Shares New Look at Ginyu Force's Newcomer, Bonyu

Over the years, Dragon Ball has welcomed all sorts of characters to its ranks. The franchise has hundreds of fighters under its belt by now, but that doesn't mean it is closing its doors. This month, the franchise will grow even larger thanks to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and the game just gave fans a better look at its new Ginyu Force recruit.

Yes, you did read that right! The Ginyu Force is coming back for a special adventure, and it will feature a new fighter who fans might recognize.

Last year, fans learned Dragon Ball Z: Karakot would include a new Ginyu Force member, and the girl is none other than Bonyu. As lore put it, Bonyu was kicked out of the Ginyu Force because of her lackluster poses, but she has not given up hope. Bonyu will appear in the story of this Dragon Ball Z retelling, and fans can see how she looks in-game now.

You can find Bonyu above in the upper-right photo. The fighter has long white hair that is pulled into a high tail, and she has seriously arched brows. The rest of her look consists of some Saiyan armor which Freeza modified for his army, and Bonyu has a green scouter over her eye. Clearly, she is scheming in this photo, but fans are not sure what she is going on about.

Now, it will not be too long before gamers meet Bonyu herself. The word is out on how Goku meets this ousted Ginyu Force member, but all will be fine so long as he can fight Bonyu or even Jeice in the end.


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