Gundam Cosplay Preps The Unicorn Mech For Take Off

Mobile Suit: Gundam has been in the news a lot recently thanks in part to the fortieth anniversary of the series, as well as the plastic models known as Gunplas, and so it's no surprise to see one cosplayer bringing one of the most popular mech suits to life with an astonishing take on the Gundam Unicorn! The Gundam Unicorn originally appeared as a part of a Gundam publication that was called Gundam Ace, debuting in 2007 and introducing us to a brand new mech suit that lives up to its name thanks to its idiosyncratic design.

When the Gundam series first debuted around forty years ago, we doubt that most would imagine that it would herald countless numbers of mech units alongside anime, manga, and novel series that dive into a number of different worlds created to highlight new destructive robotic suits. The world of Gundam Unicorn, which had its own anime OVA released starting on 2010, and finishing in 2014, takes a look at a new branch of the Zeon Principality, that continues the war between this faction and the Earth Federation that was made so popular in the original series.

Instagram Cosplayer UbersCosplay shared this insanely realistic mech suit that perfectly recreates one of the biggest mech suits in the Gundam franchise:

As a part of the fortieth anniversary of the Gundam series, a number of different events were announced, one of which includes a Gundam themed satellite being launched as a part of the 2020 Summer Olympics which will be taking place in Tokyo. However, with the Corona Virus causing numerous events in Japan postponed, and even canceled, we're crossing our fingers that the Olympics, and the launch of this unique satellite, still take place without a hitch.


Anime Cosplay can be a difficult enough feat on its own when you are dealing with humanoid characters, but this cosplayer should be given some serious applause for bringing such an insane design to life!

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