Anime Expo Shares Update on Status Following Coronavirus Pandemic

Many conventions and events that are associated with the world of anime have been postponed or cancelled thanks to the CoronaVirus pandemic affecting the world, but the upcoming Anime Expo 2020 has sent out an update to fans and potential con-goers for what they are thinking for their event slated to take place in June of this year. It seems for now that Anime Expo 2020 will continue to act as if it is taking place in a few months time, though it is definitely keeping an eye on the situation as things move closer to the original date.

Anime Expo itself began in 1992, starting the convention twenty seven years ago, and promises to bring a number of guests from the world of anime as well as present some big news items to the world via this platform. Conventions such as Anime Japan has been either postponed or canceled completely as a result of the pandemic, along with a number of anime series deciding to do the same in kind.

Anime Expo shared the latest update via their Official Twitter Account, informing fans about their plans to keep an eye on the Coronavirus pandemic and how it may come to affect the upcoming event that is promising to release a bevy of new information and events for the world of anime:

Anime Expo in 2019 released a ton of new information regarding a number of anime movies and franchises, one of the biggest announcements being the return of the franchise that is Akira, along with a new movie from creator Katsuhiro Otomo dubbed Orbital Era. The convention has also been the spot for a number of anime premieres such as the live action adaptations of Kingdom and Tokyo Ghoul, to name a few.


While it would definitely be a shame if Anime Expo had to postpone or completely cancel their event, the public safety of fans has to come first and foremost.

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