'A Certain Scientific Railgun' Season 3 Announced

It has been quite some time since A Certain Magical Index came onto the anime scene, but the sci-fi fantasy still has plenty left to give. Not only did the series’ main anime embark on its third season this week, but one of its fan-favorite spin-offs is getting a surprise renewal.

So, if you have been waiting for more of A Certain Scientific Railgun, all your wishes will be granted soon.

Recently, A Certain Magical Index went live with its third season, and its premiere ended with a big announcement. As it turns out, J.C. Staff is hard at work on a third season of A Certain Scientific Railgun as well.

The short announcement took fans everywhere by surprise, and it isn’t hard to figure out why. A Certain Scientific Railgun has been on break since September 2013. It has been more than five years since the spin-off churned out any new content, but it looks like J.C. Staff was waiting to bring out a third season. After all, the spin-off needs new material to adapt, and that means a new season of A Certain Magical Index would be required. Now, both shows are back in the anime headlines, and nostalgic doesn’t even begin to cover how fans feel.

For those unfamiliar with A Certain Scientific Railgun, the anime is set in the same world and timeframe as A Certain Magical Index. The spin-off focuses on Mikoto Misaka, a Level 5 electromaster esper who is at the top of Academy City but gets embroiled in all sorts of trouble after befriending Toma Kamijo and Index.

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If you need a refresher on the franchise, A Certain Magical Index is set in a world where supernatural abilities are commonplace and follows Toma Kamijo who has the ability to negate the powers of others. However, when Toma meets a mysterious girl, Index, who's on the run from the church, Toma discovers the true dangers of society's super-powered state. The first season of the anime was released in 2008 while a second was released in 2010.

The action fantasy is based on the light novel series published under the Dengeki Bunko imprint between 2004 and 2010. In addition to the two anime TV seasons, the manga inspired a full-length movie in 2013. It also inspired the spin-off, A Certain Scientific Railgun, which inspired an OVA and an anime series.