Adventure Time Movie, Spinoffs Announced

Finn and Jake are looking to return not just with a new movie, but with two wild new spin-offs.

Adventure Time recently returned via the spin-off series, Adventure Time: Fionna And Cake, which was renewed for a second season. Thanks to the franchise focusing on the adventures of Finn and Jake's female doppelgangers, many believed that the spin-off series was the main way forward for the beloved story. In a shocking new reveal, Adventure Time has shared the news that not only is a new movie in the works but two new television spin-offs are set to arrive to expand on the universe.

To start, the Adventure Time movie is still steeped in mystery as Warner Bros Discovery revealed little regarding the plot of the upcoming film. Luckily, the studio did confirm some of the creators that will be a part of creating this new entry, which include Steven Universe's creator Rebecca Sugar, Over The Garden Wall's co-creator Patrick McHale, and Adventure Time showrunner Adam Muto. While the trio would go on to work on new projects, each is a veteran of the franchise that first began by focusing on Finn and Jake exploring some wild new lands. Considering how the original series ended, it will be interesting to see where this film takes place in Adventure Time's timeline.

Adventure Time Spin-Offs: What Are They?

(Photo: Warner Bros Discovery)

The first of the pair of upcoming spin-offs is titled "Heyo BMO", which will be made for pre-schoolers and focuses on the adorable sentient tech that was long a part of Jake and Finn's adventures. Adam Muto will be a part of this new adventure aimed at younger viewers along with storyboard artist Ashlyn Anstee. Rather than sticking around in Finn and Jake's treehouse, BMO is moving out and making new friends to take on new challenges. 

The second spin-off will focus on Finn The Human's younger years, titled Adventure Time: Side Quests. Rather than creating a long narrative, this new series will instead focus on individual episodes that follow the human protagonist as well as giving us younger interpretations of Adventure Time's heroes and villains. 

When it comes to Adventure Time: Fionna And Cake, the multiverse hopping series is still set to return, though Warner Bros Discovery hasn't hinted at when we can expect season two to arrive on MAX. It's a great time to be a fan of Oooo as it appears that Warner Bros Discovery is all in on the universe of Finn and Jake. 

Via Variety