'Adventure Time' Series Finale Trailer Released

Cartoon Network has debuted a new trailer for the upcoming series finale of Adventure Time.

The one minute trailer warns that Finn and Jake, the protagonists of Adventure Time will go on their ultimate adventure as they fight in the Great Gum War. "Time and time again, the Land of Ooo has called upon one heroic duo to save it’s bacon," the trailer declares. "But this time, Finn and Jake will face the ultimate adventure!"

Although details about the upcoming finale are scarce, we know that the finale is titled" Come Along With Me," a reference to the show's closing theme. A previous trailer hints at some sort of major conflict between the Candy Kingdom and Gumbaldia, a country ruled by Princess Bubblegum's uncle, Gumbald.

Gumbald is a recurring antagonist of the show and has created several monsters to vex Bubblegum and her friends, before recently creating his own city state. Princess Bubblegum declared war on Gumbaldia after her uncle sprayed Finn with "Dum Dum juice" hoping to expose Princess Bubblegum to it and revert her into a more docile creature.

It looks like all of the major Adventure Time characters will play a role in the finale. The trailer shows Marceline, Princess Rainicorn, and the Ice King all make appearances in the new trailer.


Adventure Time has aired on Cartoon Network since 2010 and is considered one of the network's most popular shows. The show is set in the Land of Ooo, a magical land born out of the remnants of a nuclear holocaust. Finn is the world's last remaining human and is accompanied by his adoptive brother Jake, who is a dog with various stretching and shapeshifting abilities. Most of Finn and Jake's friends and allies are strange characters. The show explores mostly fantasy tropes, but also has plenty of sci-fi, absurdist, and surreal themes as well.

The series finale of Adventure Time airs on September 3rd.