A Popular Banned Mech Anime to Get Live-Action Adaptation

Anime is no stranger to controversy, and a good few series have found themselves banned around the world. From violence to sexuality, there is a whole list of stuff that can get an anime banned, but Chodenji Machine Voltes V suffered neither of these issues. The hugely popular mech series found itself banned overseas because of its revolutionary themes, that is not the case any longer.

After all, the Philippines has embraced Voltes V despite its controversial past, and a live-action adaptation is in the works. A new report confirms the anime is being adapted for TV at GMA under the eyes of director Mark A. Reyes.

voltes v
(Photo: Toei / GMA)

The big announcement went live recently when a teaser was released by Reyes. The director announced he was assisting pre-production on Voltes V which will adapt the popular anime from Toei Animation and Nippon Sunrise. This is the first live-action adaptation for the franchise, and its roots in the Philippines may surprise some.

After all, Voltes V was banned in the Philippines in 1979. The show was already popular within the nation at that point, and it was most likely banned because of its ideas of revolution ad rebellion. The show was kept from the people until a largely peaceful revolution in 1986, and Voltes V began re-airing in the Philippines. Over the years, Voltes V has been celebrated in the Philippines with art installations and new dubs. Some of the country's top stars lent their voices to Voltes V to celebrate its impact on the people. And now, it seems a live-action adaptation of the once-banned series is in the works.

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