More Spring 2020 Anime Have Been Delayed Due to the Pandemic

Anime has been hit hard like so many other entertainment industries thanks to the pandemic of the coronavirus, with a number of series and events related to the medium either being postponed or canceled and it seems as though two new series are being added to the list. Funimation recently took to their official Twitter Account and shared the sad news that the two series of The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited and Appare-Ranman are being postponed as a result of the pandemic, with Japan attempting to "flatten the curve" by employing techniques such as social distancing.

If you have yet to watch either two of these anime, The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited follows a millionaire who joins the police force in order to help them with the solving of mysteries using his insane resources to give them a much needed advantage when it comes to crime solving! Appare-Ranman follows an unlikely pair in the forms of a genius engineer and a cowardly samurai attempting to win a decent amount of money by participating in a race around the world! Neither series has been given a return date for the remainder of their episodes, so we'll be sure to keep you informed here at when it comes to any news for both of these franchises!

Funimation shared the updates for the two anime series via their Official Twitter Account, with the big name in anime informing fans that the series following the insanely rich detective and the eccentric pair of world racers will be delayed for the foreseeable future:

These anime series are just a few examples of franchises that have been hampered by the recent pandemic, with the currently running finale season of Food Wars! recently announcing that it too would be holding off on the remainder of their episodes. In the real world, anime conventions and events such as Anime Japan and Anime Expo have been canceled for 2020 as a resulte of the coronavirus!

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