'Attack On Titan' OVA Drops New Anime Poster Featuring Annie

If there is one character fans of Attack on Titan want more of, it is Annie Leonhart. The blond-haired soldier was introduced during the anime’s first season, and her no-nonsense attitude left millions endeared. So, you can understand why fans are excited over the latest Attack on Titan poster.

After all, the piece of art is dedicated to all things Annie.

Recently, Wit Studios shared a brand-new poster for its next Attack on Titan debut. The company will release the next installment of its Lost Girls OVA series, and it will star Annie as its lead. The new poster, which can be seen below, shows two sides of the fan-favorite character. And, as you might have guessed, fans are thrilled to see the girl make an anime comeback.

attack on titn
(Photo: Wit Studios)

The poster is a simple one, but its gorgeous illustration makes it impossible to overlook. The artwork shows Annie comforting herself as a ghostly version of the girl rests her hands over her other self’s clenched fist. To the left, Annie is quiet as she stares as her former self, and her soft expression is a treat for fans. As for the other Annie, she is seen dressed in her Survey Corps uniform, and she is staring at her fist with a down-turned expression.

Annie’s new design is lovely to look at, and this poster only makes it better with its background. The intricate artwork sees a flurry of red flower petals brush across both images of Annie, and its pinkish hues are prettier than anything else in Paradis.

If you are not familiar with Lost Girls, then you do have a bit to catch up on. The story was published back in August 2015 before Kodansha confirmed it has licensed the serial for a collected release. The manga is based on a novel of the same name, and Ryosuke Fuji wrote and illustrated the serial. The story itself focuses Mikasa and Annie by exploring the leads’ backstories.

Lost Girls is made up for three collected stories. The first is titled “Wall Sina, Goodbye” and follows Annie a day before the Survey Corps heads on a mission and crosses a mysterious girl named Carly.

The second story focuses on Mikasa and is titled “Lost in the Cruel World.” The story takes place in an alternate universe where Titans never existed, so she grew up with her parents by her side. Mikasa ends up meeting Eren Yeager despite the change, and it follows the start of the two’s friendship.


As for the third story, “Lost Girls” sees Mikasa and Annie come together in a brief encounter during their military training days. The girls talk about their training regimes, and they even broach the sensitive topic of why they each chose to join the military.

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