Attack on Titan Cosplay Revisits Annie in Light of Season 4

Attack on Titan has been pushing forward with its fourth season since last December, and the series has been moving forward very well. The latest episode took things to the next level as war has broken out once more. Of course, this fourth and final season has a lot to answer before it comes to an end. Annie's fate happens to be chief amongst them, and one fan has brought the Female Titan to life with a special cosplay.

Over on Instagram, the user phia.cos wowed fans with their take on Annie just before the new year. It was there Attack on Titan fans got a glimpse of how the warrior could look in live-action, and they are hoping to reunite with Annie before season four closes.

"AhHh I guess I need to rewatch AOT since the final season is coming out! I made this gear back in 2016 when I cosplayed Eren, but I felt that I fit Annie's look more now, so I wanted to bring it back and finally give this build a proper photoshoot," the cosplayer wrote.

As you can see, this Attack on Titan photoshoot brings Annie to light in shadow and smoke. The heroine has her blonde hair tied back with some bangs framing her face. As for her uniform, Annie looks like she was plucked right from the anime given her 3D Maneuvering gear. It goes without saying that Annie also looks fierce in this photoshoot, so we can only assume how she would appear in season four. If fans are lucky, she might make an appearance, we will keep our fingers crossed for that!

What do you think about this cosplay? Do you hope to see Annie come back in Attack on Titan season four? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.