Attack on Titan Cliffhanger Stuns with a Titan Retaliation

Attack on Titan's cliffhanger stunned with a Titan retaliation! Attack on Titan's fourth and final [...]

Attack on Titan's cliffhanger stunned with a Titan retaliation! Attack on Titan's fourth and final season is now a few episodes into its shorter than expected run, and the first few episodes had been spent exploring the mindsets of those on the other side of the ocean. Following three seasons getting to know Eren Jeager and Eldia's side of the war, the final season of the series has been giving a glimpse into Marley as they prepared to officially declare war on the rest of the world. That's what should have happened anyway as Eren threw a wrench into things.

Episode 64 is a momentous one as not only does it fully kick off the end game of the series as a whole, but ends with an entirely different declaration of war. Because while Willy Tyber might have meant to declare war on Eldia at the end of his speech, Eren Jeager's Titan transformation at the end of the episode is instead Eldia declaring war on Marley instead with a violent introduction.

Episode 64's main focus is completely revealing that Eren was indeed sneaking around inside of Marley and passing on messages to the rest of the Survey Corps. In a tense stand off with Reiner as he essentially recreates their last face to face conversation back in the second season of the series, Eren solemnly lets Reiner stew in his own emotions. It's here he coldly expresses that the fight has been brought to them, and Reiner slowly begins to crack under the weight of what's to come.

That makes the cliffhanger all the more intense when Eren essentially gets a twisted form of payback here as he shakes Reiner's hand and transforms into his Titan form. Crashing through the ceiling of their underground bunker, it's revealed that he was right under Willy Tyber making his speech and murders him as a way to start the next major war.

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