Attack on Titan Sets Off a Trap for Two Titan Warriors

Attack on Titan went forward with a new episode this week, and it was an intense one to say the least. A new war has been declared, and a cliffhanger left thousands of lives in the balance this weekend. Of course, this means some of our favorite Titans are about to transform in the heat of battle, but two of them won't be going anywhere for some time.

And why is that? Well, Attack on Titan just trapped two warriors after a fair bit of misdirection. The scene in question tangled both Pieck and Galliard after they were tricked by members of the Survey Corps.

The ruse began when Pieck and Galliard were drawn away from the rally taking place in Marley's downtown center. The event, which Willy Tybur led, was being held to drum up support for war. Marley has decided to end the Eldians for good, but the nation needs support from its allies if that is to happen. By the rally's end, fans watched as Eren launched an ambush on the horrified crowd, but its success hinged on these two Warriors being drawn away.

A Marley soldier was able to lead the two warriors away, but the man was really an ally to Eren in disguise. After several close calls, the soldier was able to drop Galliard and Pieck into an underground shaft. A trapdoor was locked above them, but this locale was chosen specifically. After all, neither of the warriors can transform so long as they are in this trap.


It turns out the shaft is too narrow for either Pieck or Galliard to transform into their Titans without crushing themselves to death. This ingenious plan must have taken ages to figure out, and it kept the pair out of Eren's way. All he had to do was deal with Reiner before Willy finished his speech, and Eren did just that by using Falco as bait just before he introduced the Attack Titan to Marley.

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