Attack On Titan Fan Honors Levi with Some Sick Custom Sneakers

Attack On Titan is ramping toward the series finale in both the anime and the manga, following the Survey Corps through one of their most heart wrenching adventures to date, and one fan has honored one of the strongest protagonists in the franchise with sneakers that portray a bloody Captain Levi. The final story line has seen Levi in a tough predicament, in a far more horrific state than we've ever seen him, but we're sure that his skills will come into play before the final fight of the war between Marley and Eldia takes place.

Levi has been a fan favorite of the series since debuting early in the franchise, proving himself to be one of the strongest soldiers of the Survey Corps by leaps and bounds, even without a Titan form under his belt. At the tail end of season three of the anime, Levi was able to brandish his swords and bring down the Beast Titan, Zeke Jaeger, following the sacrifices of scores of his fellow soldiers within Eldia. With the war finally being brought to the shores of Marley in the upcoming fourth and final season of the anime, expect for Levi to have a big role in the epic battle that sees humans and titans clashing against one another in a brand new way!

Twitter Artist AlizArt shared these impressive Attack On Titan sneakers that give us a bloody take of Captain Levi, showing off the moment when he was able to take a decisive swing at Zeke Jaeger, turning the tide in the final battle of the third season of the anime:

Attack On Titan has easily earned its place as one of the bloodiest, most dire anime franchises running today, and Levi has had no small part in making that statement a reality as the Captain of the Survey Corps has never been unwilling to brandish his swords, strap on his three dimensional maneuver gear, and cut into some disturbing behemoths. Though we don't have a release date for the fourth season of the anime, fans are already anticipating the final battle between Marley and Eldia following the trailer from Studio MAPPA.

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