Attack on Titan Teases Marley's Counterattack with New Post-Credits Scene

Attack on Titan is teasing Marley's big counterattack with the post-credits scene from the newest episode! With the fourth and final season of the series now back in Paradis, the latest string of episodes have been exploring how the Survey Corps and the rest of the people of Eldia felt about Eren's attack on Marley. While there are plenty of complicated politics involved with this, there's still the lingering threat from Marley themselves. The newest episode of the series makes good on this threat at last as it appears that the people of Marley are already planning their next move.

Episode 70 ends with a post-credits scene that reveals Reiner and the other chosen warriors discussing their next move following the Eldian's attack. While the higher ups want them to wait until they can gather more forces for a proper counterattack, Reiner urges that they need to act quickly and form a surprise attack as soon as possible in order to catch Zeke off guard.

Attack on Titan Episode 70 Post-Credits Scene Season 4
(Photo: MAPPA)

The post-credits scene sees Marley continue their recovery efforts, and part of that was looking through the Beast Titan's corpse. During their search they discover that Zeke's head and torso aren't there and realize that Zeke must have fled the country and turned to the Eldians' side (this being the correct assumption as revealed through the past few episodes) following years worth of building a secret Eldian Restorationist movement.

First it's revealed that a full global alliance force will be attacking within six months, but Reiner and the other warriors think this isn't fast enough. Believing that Zeke will factor that into his plans, Reiner asserts that a surprise attack before that will throw a wrench into Zeke's plans as Zeke would not factor in Marley attacking before their full forces gather. This post-credits scene continues the pressure on Paradis from both the outside and inside as Eren and Zeke's plan has undoubtedly shaken up the world more than ever. But what do you think?

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