Attack On Titan Surfaces With Chapter 130 Title

Attack On Titan is only a few chapters away from reaching the final installment of the Survey Corps as the battle between the nation of Marley and the people of Eldia continues to heat up, and the title for the next chapter of the franchise's manga, Chapter 130, has arrived! With a new Survey Corps assembling in the face of a very new, albeit very familiar, threat, the latest chapters of the manga have given us some of the darkest entries into the series so far and we can't wait to see how they translate into the final season of the anime!

Warning! If you aren't caught up with the latest chapters of Attack On Titan, you may want to steer clear as the rest of this article, and the title for the next chapter itself, are deeply in spoiler territory!

Eren Jaeger has gone insane, believing that the only way he'll be able to put an end to the long running war between Marley and Eldia is by killing everyone who doesn't have Eldian blood running through their veins. With protagonists like Armin, Mikasa, Connie, and Jean teaming up with former enemies in Annie and Reiner, the new Survey Corps is attempting to stop their one time friend from making a terrible mistake. The title for the next chapter might be hinting that the sun might be finally "coming out" after quite a long time of being behind the clouds.

Twitter Outlet Attack On Titan Wiki shared the title for the next chapter of the dark franchise's manga, 130, that seems to hint that the grim actions that the Survey Corps has had to undertake, as well as suffer through, might finally be baring fruit:

A release date for the fourth and final season of the anime has yet to be revealed, but the first trailer that was released by the new animation studio of Studio MAPPA has put a lot of fans' minds at ease with some killer animation. The final season will reveal a ton of new secrets about the world that is fit to bursting with giant monstrosities as well as put a crescendo on the adventures of the Survey Corps.


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