Attack on Titan Producer Talks Upgrading CG Visuals for Part 2

Attack on Titan is in the throes of its final adventure, changing the playing field astronomically by granting Eren Jaeger the power of the Founding Titan and unleashing the devastating power of the Founding Titan upon the world. In a recent interview with the creator responsible for the CG Visuals in the final season, Tannakawa broke down how said visuals were improved for these final episodes and how the experience that the animators gained were able to make the Titans look that much better.  

In a recent interview, Tannawa broke down how the CG visuals were given an upgrade for the final season, along with several other aspects that were given some slight changes when it came to bringing the terrifying Titans of Paradis and Marley to life:

"The models themselves have a few updates, but not much has changed, and the looks are almost the same. We just changed the way we present them. Especially under [Director Yuichiro Hayashi's] direction from the first episode, we changed some things that we thought could be expressed a little better in Part 2 after doing Part 1."

Tannawa then extrapolated on how the animators were able to learn over time by working on the same characters of Attack on Titan, noting that experience will often lead to good results when it comes to the world of animation: 

"It's not a change, it's a variation on what we did, but I think it's an improvement...When a 3D animator keeps working on the same character for a long time, they gradually get accustomed to it and it becomes easier to manipulate it...So I think the longer you work, the better you'll become." 

If you want to see the rest of this interview, which both the CG Producer and Director participated in, you can watch it below via Pony Canyon's Official Youtube Account:

Attack on Titan is set to have a panel at this month's Anime Japan, with many fans believing that MAPPA might be taking the opportunity to announce that the series might come to a close via a feature-length film.


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