'Attack on Titan' Composer Teases Work On Season 3 Theme Song

When it comes to anime soundtracks, Attack on Titan has some must-listen songs. The show may be [...]

When it comes to anime soundtracks, Attack on Titan has some must-listen songs. The show may be best-known for its gory action, but its truly epic music cannot one be easily overlooked. So, you can understand why fans are excited to hear the show's composer is back to work on the series these days.

It's time you music heads bowed down to Hiroyuki Sawano. The genius composer is ready to create some intense scores for Attack on Titan's next season.

Over on Twitter, Sawano shared a message with his followers that caught the eyes of fans worldwide. The composer updated everyone on his current jobs, and he made sure to name-drop Attack on Titan specifically. You can read Sawano's tweet down below:

"The end of February is the day after tomorrow, isn't it? This month, I made music for part two of Thunderbolt Fantasy. Recording is still a bit early, but I am looking forward to its completion. Now, I've been working on the music production of Attack on Titan season three."

Sawano may be busy, but the composer is giving everything he has towards his on-going projects. It sounds like the composer is nearly finished with his work on Thunderbolt Fantasy, and Attack on Titan is about to commandeer his attention. The anime's third season is set to debut this summer, and fans are already anticipating the theme music that will launch with its first trailer.

So far, there is no word on whether Attack on Titan will bring back its fan-favorite theme musicians. The J-rock band Linked Horizon saw its popularity skyrocket after they performed the anime's first theme song, and the group returned for season two last year. So, fans should keep their fingers crossed about season three until they get official word from Wit Studios.

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