Attack on Titan to Release a Titan-Sized Manga Volume

Attack on Titan is set to end this April, and fans are looking forward to whatever it has left to share. The hit series has millions of fans who are eager to know how the series ends, and they expect a lot of titan action to come with the finale. This means manga readers are combing through the series to make their last-minute predictions, and it seems Kodansha is about to release its biggest version of the manga shortly.

And by biggest, we really do mean the biggest. Attack on Titan is releasing a titan-sized manga that will be big enough for even the Colossal Titan to check out.

attack on titan
(Photo: Kodansha)

According to a new update, Kodansha has plans to break a world record with its next Attack on Titan stunt. The publisher plans to release a limited set of manga volumes which clock in as a huge size. The manga is meant to fit in the hands of a 49-foot titan, so you can understand why it has to be so big.

According to the update, Attack on Titan's colossal comic book will be over 3 feet long and over 2 feet wide. Kodansha has reported the limited-edition comic will stand as the largest comic book in the world as it is big than the current Guinness World Record holder. And if you want to know how much it will weigh, well - you will get quite the workout while reading as it weighs 30 pounds.

Currently, there are plans to publish 100 copies of this manga, and it will go for a lot of money. Attack on Titan's titanic volume will retail for roughly $1,500 USD. It will only contain the first two chapters of the manga, but hey - if you want to bring home a piece of the manga's history, this is your shot!


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