Attack on Titan Season 4 Announces One Hero's Pregnancy

Attack on Titan has been running along with season four for more than a month now, and it has seen some dark things. If you did not know, season four is the last of the series, and it has to answer a lot of questions for fans. Of course, that means the series is making even more mysteries for us to solve. Now, a new question has come around, and it has to do with one unexpected pregnancy.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for Attack on Titan seasons four below!

If you are caught up with the anime, then you will surely have the same questions we do. The latest episode of season four confirmed Historia is expecting her first child. The young royal was shown looking heavily pregnant by the episode's end, and fans are left wondering who fathered her kid.

The update took many Attack on Titan fans by surprise given how Historia reacted to her pregnancy. The girl did not seem particularly happy to be having a kid, and you can guess why. The decision to have kids when you're royalty is often more of a mandate than a choice. Fans admit this out-of-character pregnancy sits wrong with them, and it turns out Historia feels the same.


As for who fathered this child, the anime has led fans to believe the man is a friend to Historia. The man works at one of her children's initiatives as a farmer. The pair do not seem to have a romance going on before Historia became pregnant, so their relationship is still up in the air. And to be honest, the father's identity is still unclear. The father could be someone fans already know, but it is likely fans will not learn their true identity for a while yet.

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