Attack on Titan: Eren's VA Reveals His Favorite Scene in Season 4

If you are keeping up with anime these days, you will know Attack on Titan is all the rage right now. The series is promising to go beyond its limits with season four, and there are only a few weeks left to go before things end. Obviously, that means the cast of Attack on Titan is going through all the emotions, and the actor behind Eren is trying to figure out what their favorite scene is so far. 

The interview took place recently as MAPPA spoke with Kaji to hype season four. It was there the voice actor was asked to recall a memorable scene from Attack on Titan's final season. It was there he admitted no one scene grabbed him because the whole of season four is nuts.

"Let me tell you this, every time a scene happened it was always awesome. I will never forget that. I like it even though it is painful and sad. I felt all sorts of emotions every time I stepped out of the recording booth," Kaji shared.

"I have several memories from Attack on Titan: The Final Season because I felt lots of emotions that shocked me. The last thing I remember feeling from Eren was that if he didn't fight, he couldn't win."

Obviously, Kaji knows Eren better than most people, so he knows the soldier is going through a rough time. After all, Eren has turned his back on his friends and humanity to keep his homeland safe. In trying to save his loved ones, Eren has become enemy number one, and this turn has given Kaji more than enough memories to chew on for years to come.

For now, Kaji will have to wait and see how the season turns out as Attack on Titan is gunning for its finale. After the manga wrapped last year, fans knew it was just a matter of time before Eren's last mission was brought to the screen. Now, the time is nearing at last, and readers are as terrified as they are eager to see how Attack on Titan sticks its landing. 

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