Attack On Titan Season 4 Revisits Its Worst Torture Device with New Threat

The fourth season of Attack On Titan has witnessed Eren Jaeger taking matters into his own hands, launching an assault on the nation of Marley and managing to absorb the power of the War Hammer Titan, and it seems as if the protagonist of Hajime Isayama's dark epic might be beyond redemption. Throughout the series, the Survey Corps has had to do some hideous things during their war against the likes of the Colossal, Armored, and Beast Titans, but a civil war within the Eldian people might cause them to lose what they once had as their enemies amass.

The "Torture Chair" was a favorite of Darius Zackly, the current premier of the Children of Ymir, who had used the instrument to dole out punishment to one of the higher-ups in Eldian society, following his betrayal of the people he was sworn to serve. In the latest episode, the chair returns to its owner, causing Zackly some brief pleasure to see it come back, but unfortunately, this was short-lived as Darius' beloved device would prove to cause his death. Stuffed with an explosive by the "Jaegerists", a clan of Eldians following Eren Jaeger, the device explodes and kills Zackly in the process.

Attack On Titan Torture Device New Threat
(Photo: MAPPA)

With the Eldian Civil War now in full swing, Eren may very well be past the point of redemption, having gone so far as to murder fellow Survey Corps members in a bid to meet with his brother Zeke and attempt to follow his own plan, outside of the knowledge of his friends. As Mikasa and Armin witness the death of Zackly, Prixus and the other higher members of the Corps begin to realize that the best way to stamp out this Civil War might just be to give Eren and his followers everything they want.

Zeke Jaeger has been busy during the past four years of Attack On Titan which took place between the end of season three and the beginning of season four, and though his ultimate goal is to benefit the Eldian Race, it seems as if the Jaeger brothers are potentially bringing about the end of the civilization that the Survey Corps has worked so hard to preserve since the series began.


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