'Attack on Titan' Finally Pits Levi Against [SPOILER]

Attack on Titan has no shortage of soldiers, but few of those fighters can hope to hold a candle [...]

Attack on Titan has no shortage of soldiers, but few of those fighters can hope to hold a candle to Levi. Over the years, the character has proven to be a beastly one with insane battle prowess. As a Survey Corps captain, Levi knows when to pick a fight and when to retreat.

However, it seems like Levi didn't have a choice when it came to his latest fight. After all, the guy was basically bullied into the affair. So, obviously, spoilers below!

If you are caught up with Attack on Titan, you will know its latest chapter dropped not long ago. The update caught up with Eren Jaeger and the Survey Corps as they continued their ambush upon Marley, but the country wasn't taking the attack lying down. Despite being scrambled, its forces rallied with Titan Shifters of their own, and it was there Zeke worked up the nerve to challenge Levi to a full-on fight.

After transforming, Zeke brought the Beast Titan to the battlefield with the Jaw and Cart Titans by his side. The military leader urged his subordinates to fight close range while he covered things from afar. However, the Beast Titan did tell everyone listening he was only bloodying his hands to fight a certain someone.

"Eren Jaeger is not my enemy. Too bad that it's you," Zeke said. "Come out, Levi! Time's running out, you know?"

After a long wait, Zeke was finally able to throw the gauntlet down and challenge Levi. The pair have faced off before, but this latest encounter is the first they have had since Attack on Titan underwent its last timeskip. During the Battle of Shiganshina, Levi dealt a damaging blow to Zeke, and the Beast Titan has never forgiven the soldier for what happened during the battle. When he returned to Marley, Zeke said he never wanted to meet Levi again, but he would not hesitate to strike him down. However, it looks like Levi has the upper-hand in their current battle since the character did slice Zeke across the nape and knock him down.

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