Jennifer Garner Shows Love to Avatar with Surprise Cosplays

Jennifer Garner is one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses, and she kept busy with work since her debut in the late 1990s. As you can imagine, the starlet likes to keep a low profile despite her A-list status, but she does give fans the occasional peek into her life through social media. And now, her most recent post has informed the world of her love for Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Taking to Instagram, Garner posted a heartfelt post remembering the last year spent in lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced billions to isolate themselves at home, and Garner is no different. As the one-year anniversary of lockdown looms, Garner says she has celebrated birthdays for all her loved ones, and she posted a short video showing how the at-home parties were celebrated.

As it turns out, one of the parties involved Garner cosplaying for Avatar. The video begins with the actress dressed up as the iconic Cabbage Man from Nickelodeon's critically acclaimed series. The actress is shown hugging several heads of lettuce much like the merchant, so she definitely got into character for the gig.

The video ends with Garner in a very different cosplay. The actress is shown running down a hallway while dressed as Korra, the Avatar who came after Aang. Garner is dressed in the heroine's Water Tribe garb, and the blue outfit definitely works for the actress.


Clearly, Garner has a thing for Avatar, and fans are curious how these looks fit into a birthday party at her home. Avatar has seen a major comeback this past year thanks to its big move to Netflix. The show was ranked as one of the site's most-watched series in 2020, so it is entirely possible Garner stumbled upon the show there. And with three children under her care, we can only hope Avatar marathons helped keep the family entertained during quarantine!

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