Avatar The Last Airbender Captures The Spirit of Uncle Iroh

With Avatar The Last Airbender making a big return thanks in part to the streaming service of Netflix, fans are re-discovering the characters that made the Nickelodeon series such a classic in the world of animation, and one fan has decided to capture the aesthetic of one of the most introspective characters in the show in Uncle Iroh. With the mentor of Prince Zuko doing his best to lead his nephew on the right path, Iroh always offered advice to both his student and really anyone he came into contact with throughout the beloved animated series.

Iroh, of course, had one of the most heart wrenching scenes in the series, when in the episode of "Tales From Ba Sing Se" featured a day in the life of the uncle of Zuko. With Uncle Iroh taking the opportunity to walk through the city of Ba Sign Se within the Earth Kingdom, the segment ended with the fire bender once again saying goodbye to his son by singing the song of "Leaves From The Wine". Iroh would eventually help in the ultimate defeat of the Fire Lord Ozai, assisting his nephew in finding the right direction for his life and remains a fan favorite character in the world of benders.

Instagram Cosplayer JollySalmon shared this impressive cosplay that does an amazing job at capturing the aesthetic of Iroh, the fire bender that has become such a heartfelt character from the series of Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Without going into spoiler territory, the finale of Airbender isn't the last time we see Iroh and we certainly wouldn't mind seeing some additional stories that follow the fire bender through graphic novels and in the upcoming live action adaptation of the series from Netflix.

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