Beerus Finally Acknowledged Master Roshi On 'Dragon Ball Super'

Dragon Ball Super is now getting pretty intense with half the fighters already being knocked out o the Tournament of Power. In addition, episode 107 of Dragon Ball Super showed fans yet another Universe 7’s fighter being defeated in Master Roshi. However, Beerus wasn't mad at Roshi like he was with Krillin and Tien, Beerus was instead impressed with the old man.

Roshi was on the brink of death already before Universe 6’s Frost arrived. Frost previously made a deal with his universes God of Destruction in Champa before the battle royal started, to disrupt Universe 7 and as a result, he would be pardoned of all crimes.

So Frost decided to attack the injured Roshi as he was easy prey, however, Roshi wouldn’t go down as quickly as Frost thought he would. The old fighter used the Evil Containment Wave again and almost sealed away the evil fighter but failed. From there Universe 7's Vegeta stepped in but so did Universe 6's Magetta. Roshi decided to risk his life even further and attempted to seal Frost away again, however; Frost this time used Roshi’s technique against him and instead Vegeta was sealed.

The Turtle Hermit was battered and bruised but he didn’t give in. Roshi used the last of his strength to free Vegeta, however; Roshi was finished soon after that. Master Roshi has taken out a number of fighters and had fought so well in the Tournament of Power that he earned himself appraisal from Beerus. Roshi’s ability to never give up and put in every ounce of his life force to try and win despite going up against stronger and younger opponents earned Roshi Beerus’ respect, which is something not many people have done.

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

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