Beetlejuice Gets Official Anime Girl Makeover

Fans are going to want to say his name three times even more next summer as Beetlejuice is given [...]

Fans are going to want to say his name three times even more next summer as Beetlejuice is given his own Kotobukiya Horror Bishoujo line. Joining the likes of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and the killer doll Chucky, the "ghost with the most" will be receiving a figure that re-imagine him as a cute young woman. Shunya Yamashita is the designer behind this new interpretation of the fan favorite monster, with concept art released as part of San Diego Comic-Con to tide fans over until its actual due date of Summer 2020.

Twitter User Therenchd shared the Crunchyroll write-up, stating that the "Ghostess with the Most" would be making her debut next year:

It's been quite a while since Beetlejuice has made himself known in both the movies and television. His first and only film was originally released in 1988 from the legendary director of Tim Burton, who added his own idiosyncratic style to the story of the Maitlands. Played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, the opening scrawl of the film sees the young couple inadvertently dying in a car accident and dealing with the film's strange interpretation of the after life. In the couple's death, years pass and a new family moves into their once humble abode.

(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

The daughter of the new clan, played by Winona Ryder, can see the couple while the Maitlands attempt to exorcise the family from their home. Finding little recourse, the couple turns to the "Ghost with the Most" by saying Beetlejuice three times, and lo and behold, Michael Keaton's villainous creation appears. The film is one of Tim Burton's most iconic undertakings and still holds a place close to the hearts of many movie lovers today.

Following the success of the film, Beetlejuice was also given an animated television show on Fox. Creating an entirely new world for the "exorcist" along with a more altruistic personality, albeit still grotesque, the show debuted in 1989 and ran for four seasons.

Numerous ideas have been attempted in bringing back Beetlejuice to the silver screen, with the most notable being revealed by Kevin Smith in one of his "Evening With Kevin Smith" entries, detailing how Warner Brothers was attempting to create a follow up entitled, "Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian". The title is bizarre enough on its own, but the sequel ideas have seemingly come to a standstill with no new plans in the work to bring back either Michael Keaton or his gross creation.

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