Berserk Creates The Perfect Jack O Lantern For Halloween

The anime series of Berserk is easily one of the darkest franchise in the medium, following the [...]

The anime series of Berserk is easily one of the darkest franchise in the medium, following the terrifying tale of Guts as he attempts to exact revenge against his former best friend in Griffith, and one fan of the black swordsman has been able to create a perfect Jack O'Lantern to honor the anime just in time for Halloween! Though Berserk has yet to release any news about a brand new anime series that is dropping in the future, the manga is hinting that the end of the long running series might be at hand as more secrets have been revealed!

Berserk last dropped into the world of anime in 2017 with the second season brought to life by Studio GEMBA, though many fans weren't thrilled with the use of computer generated animation that was used in order to tell new adventures for the survivors of the mercenary band known as the Band of the Hawk. With Guts wielding a giant sword known as the "Dragon Slayer" and a set of armor dubbed "The Berserker Armor", he has been working to take down the demonic influences that are spreading across the world and threatening to swallow humanity whole.

Reddit User The_RealSpeedWagon shared this impressive Jack O'Lantern that gives us a brand new take on Guts as he wears the Berserker armor and brandishes the Dragon Slayer, cutting down any number of apostles as he seeks revenge for the death of his friends that were the key to granting Griffith untold demonic powers:

Pumkin carving whatcha guys think from r/Berserk

With Netflix announcing a bevy of new anime titles this week, we would be remiss if we didn't mention a number of the creative minds behind the series of Castlevania have gone on record that they would jump at the chance to dive into the dark franchise. With Castlevania renewed for a fourth season under the pens of Powerhouse Animation, their take on Berserk, if it were to happen, would be a long time off if anything. Regardless, we're crossing our fingers that the story of Guts and the Band of the Hawk will one day return to the medium of anime!

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