Berserk Hits The Road With Insane Initial D Crossover

One of the darkest anime franchises in the world is Kentaro Miura's series of Berserk, but one fan has decided to give Guts and the God Hand a little bit of a break from the bloody adventures that they normally encounter, and instead place them into the insanely fast cars of the anime series known as Initial D. With Berserk taking place in a medieval time of soldiers and demons known as Apostles, you don't get the opportunity to see any cars driven by any members of the Band of the Hawk, which makes this art all the more hilarious.

Berserk currently doesn't have any plans to return to the world of anime so far, though fans are excited to see how the story of Guts and his companions venturing to put an end to Griffith, with Miura planting the seeds for the end game of the manga that has been running since the 1980s. Initial D isn't returning any time soon as well, but has had a staggering number of anime projects in the past that range from original video animations of the past decades, while also having a recent anime series released in 2014 by the name of Initial D Final Stage. While neither Berserk nor Initial D have much in common at the end of the day, they both have definitely carved out unique fan bases within the world of anime!

Reddit User Scipio At The Gate shared this impressive take on Guts and the demonic members of the God Hand ripping through the highways, with the black swordsman in hot pursuit of the apostles that have destroyed his life time and time again throughout the series of Berserk:

"Initial B" - By Paul "the Otaking" Johnson from r/Berserk

While there are no concrete plans for Berserk to return, the producers of the Netflix series of Castlevania have gone on record time and time again that they'd love to take a crack at the dark world of the Band of the Hawk. Though Berserk has yet to get a definitive ending date, there will surely be more death and destruction before it ultimately wraps the long running series.


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