Berserk Art Imagines Guts As A Demonic Apostle

With Berserk in the news recently as a result of the "New Beginning" announcement, a promotion that will see the dark anime franchise get a museum exhibit as well as a crowd funding campaign to create a life sized version of Zodd, what better time to dive into the world of art as one amazing artist imagines what the Black Swordsman looks like as an "apostle"! In the world of Berserk, an apostle is a human who was able to acquire a "behelit", a magical device that creates a contract with the horrific God Hand and changes them into demons themselves, at a price!

Following the conclusion of the second season of Berserk's latest anime series, fans have been waiting to see what the future holds for this dark series, with no new being released on when Guts and the Band of the Hawk will be returning to the medium. Regardless of when the franchise returns to television, the manga has continued regardless and appears to be wrapping its story as one of the characters, Skull Knight, breaks down that Guts has entered his "end game". While the finale could still be years away, it's nice to know that creator Kentaro Miura is working on the series and planting the seeds for the final story in this demon plagued world!

Instagram Artist Dark Lord Studios shared this amazingly detailed art work that imagines what Guts might look like if he were to follow in the path of his former friend Griffith, accept the "blessing" of the God Hand, and become a demonic entity himself:

As big fans of Berserk ourselves, we're crossing our fingers that the minds behind Netflix's Castlevania will eventually get the opportunity to dive into the world of Guts, which is something that many of them have gone on record stating that they would love to create their own adaptation!


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