Berserk Presents Fans With Guts' Darkest Moment

Berserk has followed Guts' story for decades, with the dark anime franchise continuing following Kentaro Miura's tragic passing thanks to the creative minds at Studio Gaga and writer Kouji Mori. With the latest manga chapter, Guts and his allies attempt to pick up the pieces following Griffith's invasion of Elfhelm. With Griffith successfully kidnapping Casca, Guts is at his lowest and the future seems uncertain for the Black Swordsman as he tries to figure out his next steps in a world filled with demonic forces.   

Warning. If you have yet to read Berserk's latest chapter, Chapter 370, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some major spoiler territory for the latest adventure featuring Guts, Casca, Griffith, and the Band of the Hawk.

Now is especially a dark time for Guts and his allies, which is really saying something considering Berserk is well-known for its dark times. Following Griffith's invasion of Elfhelm, the mystical environment was stricken from the mortal world, with its denizens disappearing and taking some of the strongest allies that our heroes had ever seen before. Understandably, Guts hasn't taken the news well, especially considering that Griffith and Zodd were able to kidnap Casca shortly after her sanity was restored.

With Guts' allies worrying about him, the Black Swordsman takes a moment to reflect and apparently has come to a crossroads, as is displayed through the dark hero's internal monologue:

"All this time, when I couldn't depend on anything else, anyone else, when I had nothing, I still had your strength to hold onto! You were all I had!" 

Guts dropping his sword in this latest chapter represents a dark moment for Kentaro Miura's main character, as the former mercenary has spent his entire life relying on his sword when he didn't have a family and when he could only achieve his dreams in battle. As the Dragon Slayer hits the ground, the Black Swordsman's future as a warrior is now in question as Griffith continues to expand his empire through his Band of the Hawk that unites humans and apostles.

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