Berserk Reveals Puck's Fate in Latest Chapter

Berserk has continued exploring the dark world featuring Guts, Casca, Griffith, and what remains when it comes to the Band of the Hawk. Following creator Kentaro Miura's death, the mangaka's friends have taken up the torch to bring Berserk's story to a close with the latest chapter revealing a major answer to a question that was plaguing fans since Elfhelm was stricken from the Earth. With Griffith kidnapping Casca and putting Guts in quite the situation, Berserk is racing toward its grand finale.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Berserk's manga, Chapter 370, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into major spoiler territory.

In the previous chapters of Berserk, Griffith had invaded the mystical land of Elfhelm, with his attack resulting in the supernatural landscape and the beings inhabiting it leaving the mortal world entirely. With so many magical characters disappearing from the dark franchise, many readers were left wondering if Puck was able to remain to see Berserk's final story to its end or if he had been whisked away from Guts' side when the Black Swordsman would need the fairy's healing powers the most.

Luckily for Guts and his allies, who were able to survive the new Band of the Hawk's assault, Puck was able to stay in the mortal realm, as the former mercenary now tries to figure out what his next steps are as Griffith has kidnapped Casca and their strongest weapon has now left the Earth. Considering how big the final battle will most likely be, and how dark it might become, the heroes could certainly use both Puck's healing powers as well as his sunny disposition.

Currently, Berserk is running its Memorial Edition on the small screen, a television series that takes the trilogy of films and carves them up into episodes for Band of the Hawks fans to enjoy. With the official Berserk website leaving a timer that is counting down to a major announcement, we might see Guts return with new adventures on the small screen as there are plenty of stories that have yet to be adapted into an anime.

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