Berserk Cosplay Goes To War With Genderbent Guts

There is perhaps no greatest tragic character in the history of anime than Guts from Berserk, and [...]

There is perhaps no greatest tragic character in the history of anime than Guts from Berserk, and its because of this fact, as well as his insane swordsmanship, that the cursed action hero has gotten a brand new, genderbending cosplay! While fans are still waiting for the next chapter of the bloody franchise to return from creator Kentaro Miura, they may be waiting for some time as the manga series has been notorious of taking long breaks in-between installments. Regardless of the delays, fans are still passionate about the adventures of Guts as he seeks revenge against his one time best friend, Griffith.

If you haven't had the chance to read Berserk, and feel like you'd have the stomach for it, this anime franchise is definitely one of the best stories ever told. Following the "Black Swordsman" Guts, the costume used here is reflective of his time as a part of the "Band of the Hawk", the mercenary group led by Griffith that gave Guts a reason to live. When Griffith makes a terrible mistake, his body is tortured to the breaking point and he sells out his friends in order to gain demonic power via the all powerful Godhand, beginning a dark journey for Guts who is attempting to save both himself and Casca, the love of his life who was permanently scarred as a result of Griffith's decision.

Instagram Cosplayer Kittymecha shared this inspired Guts cosplay that takes a page from the bloody anime of Berserk during a time when the Black Swordsman wasn't encountering demonic forces on a regular basis in a bloody path of revenge against Griffith:

Berserk has been running since the late 1980s and has a series of movies and anime series to its name, so its understandable that fans will be clamoring to see the long running franchise reach its conclusion!

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