Berserk Brings The Thunder With Metal Fan Art

If Berserk can be categorized as anything when it comes to the world of anime, it is most [...]

If Berserk can be categorized as anything when it comes to the world of anime, it is most certainly "metal", and the franchise has been given some truly worthy fan art by a fan artist that is clearly in love with the world of Guts and the demonic forces that he faces. Alongside Guts, Griffith, and the Band of the Hawk, Berserk introduced the world to a number of demons that threaten the world, one of the most popular being Nosferatu Zodd, a seemingly immortal horned demon that was the first that Guts and Griffith ever encountered!

In the series, the Band of the Hawk encounters the Immortal Zodd in the middle of the dark depths of a castle as he lays waste to a series of soldiers. Though Guts and Griffith are simply no match for the horned warrior, Zodd notices the Behelit wrapped around the latter's neck and begins laughing before taking off into the air and warning Guts of the fate that will befall him. With Zodd being a part of the Eclipse, the larger than life demon has long been a part of the franchise, and at one point, Guts and Zodd had to team up against a threat that was far greater than anything either had faced before.

Reddit Artist Kaomojis shared this absolutely stunning fan art that sees Guts riding atop Zodd in glorious metal fashion as the pair look to kill a demonic threat that threatened to overtake the world of both the mankind and the supernatural:

"...we'll do this your way - show me you can hack that thundercloud to pieces!"⚡️ my painting of guts teaming up with zodd! from r/Berserk

Berserk fans have been waiting to see the conclusion of the series for many years now, with the manga taking a number of hiatuses between each of its chapters. While an end date is probably still far away, we're crossing our fingers that the final battle between Guts and Griffith will end in spectacular fashion. With Zodd a part of Griffith's new demonic version of the Band of the Hawk, the world of humanity and the supernatural is now closer than ever.

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