Viral Video Breaks Down Manga's Top-Selling Titles of the Last Decade

When it comes to manga, there are more thousands of titles out there for fans to browse. If you are looking for something recent, there are lots of ongoing titles to check out, and there is always an easy way to tell what's in trend. Japan knows best when it comes to manga, and a brand-new video has broken down all the best-selling manga series of the last decade.

Now, it is time to place your bets! If you can guess the top-performing series of the last decade, then give yourself some kudos.

As you can see above, a video was released on Twitter by user iMrDexTer which uses data pulled from StatsCulture. The numbers break down the top-selling manga in Japan between 2008 and 2018 with some very surprising results.

The video begins with One Piece charging ahead with a familiar group at its back. Naruto and Bleach round up the big three titles, and they are hard to touch. In fact, it isn't until 2009 that Bleach begins to slip with Fairy Tail taking over the third place spot.

By 2010, the shonen genre is given a bit of a push by Kimi ni Todoke. The shoo series crashed into third place and gave Naruto a run for it before slinking back down the charts. It was during this time that some variety came into the picture with titles like Gintama, Toriko, and even Fullmetal Alchemist ranking high in sales.

As the chart heads beyond 2010, more things begin to shake up with Kuroko's Basketball overtakes Naruto. Attack on Titan dominated the 2013 chart and nearly took down One Piece at a good few points. However, the gory title was not able to topple the Straw Hats in the end.


These days, Japan's manga sales are way different from what they were in 2008. My Hero Academia is in a firm second spot with Attack on Titan, Slam Dunk, and Haikyuu following behind. Still, there has been one constant this whole time, and that is One Piece. The epic pirate series has never left its first place spot, so if you have never checked out a manga, maybe you should give his action series a shot.

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