When Is Black Clover Going to Release Its Movie?

Black Clover got off to shaky steps when its anime debut years ago, but by the time it ended last year, Asta was helming one of the genre's biggest series. Yuki Tabata is still working on the manga in hopes of giving the show more content to adapt when it returns, but for now, the team is focused on Black Clover's movie. The film was announced at last a year ago this month, but well – fans still have zero idea when it is going to go live.

If you will recall, Black Clover confirmed its movie goal back in late March 2021. The announcement was made through a special poster that highlighted Asta, and details were to follow. A year has gone by since that promise was made, and fans have nothing to show for it. But as Anime Japan looms ahead, fans are thinking the convention might just update everyone on the movie.

Depending on when Black Clover's movie went into production, most fans would expect the movie to drop in 2022 at some point. However, there is one glaring problem with the assumption. Studio Pierrot has been hit hard by production delays since COVID-19 sparked a global pandemic. These shifts have caused a number of fans to hedge their bets on when Black Clover's movie will debut. The most conservative guesses estimate the film will launch in Fall 2023, but most are hopeful Black Clover shoots for an early 2023 release.

In the meantime, fans can only speculate until the team at Pierrot give official word. The manga is blessedly keeping most fans distracted while they wait, and we can thank creator Yuki Tabata for that. The series is working through a wild battle right now as Asta's allies are fighting Lucifero in a life-or-death match. And before we know it, this high-stakes arc will get its own adaptation when Black Clover turns to TV. 

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