Black Clover Announces First Original Anime Arc

There are few words anime fans dread like 'anime-only arc' but that shouldn't be the case for [...]

There are few words anime fans dread like 'anime-only arc' but that shouldn't be the case for Black Clover fans. These days, the story stands as one of the most popular in Japan, and it has turned Asta into a beloved mage the world over. As more fans run into the series, Black Clover's artist has done his best to keep the anime at bay from his manga, and it seems Yuki Tabata has found a way to distance the separate stories...

And how did he figure that out? Well, it comes down to the creation of an original anime arc which Tabata is overseeing himself!

Yes, that is right. At last, Black Clover will be taking a diversion from the manga. The show has been strict with its adaptation of Tabata's manga, but the artist does not want the show to bump into the arc he is currently drawing. To give the stories a bit of breathing room, the manga will go on with its current arc while the anime takes on an anime-only story which will be considered canon.

According to the report, Black Clover will carry on with the "6-month training arc in Heart Kingdom" with Tabata supervising the entire story. That means fans will get to watch Asta and his Black Bull comrades train before they kick off their big mission in the Heart Kingdom. The crew are already familiar with the region given they come from the neighboring Clover Kingdom, but they will need to help out the Heart Kingdom as well as the pair plan to show the Spade Kingdom who the boss is.

So far, there is little known about this arc or how long it will last. Tabata's participation ensures this arc will be canon, so its revelations will have an impact on the series moving forward, so Black Clover fans will not want to miss whatever training Asta gets up to.

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