Black Clover Casts for Upcoming Original Character

Black Clover is currently making its way through an original arc for the anime depicting the six month training period skipped over in Yuki Tabata's original manga, and now one notable new character has been cast for a future episode of the series. As each new episode has been an original adventure, unfortunately there is no real details behind what we can expect from this new character but the voice behind this new addition is truly a prominent one. Snow Man, the group behind the current theme of the series, will now be bringing one of its members to the anime officially.

Black Clover's official Twitter account revealed that Daisuke Sakuma, a member of the Snow Man group that performs the current opening theme, "Stories," will be providing the voice for a brand new character coming to the anime. Named Makusa, this new character is a scientist who loves research that was not seen in the original manga series. Makusa will be making his official debut in the series with Episode 140 premiering on August 25th.

Speaking of opening themes, Black Clover will soon be getting ready to launch a brand new opening theme sequence in just a matter of time as well. Performed by K-pop group Tomorrow x Together, the new opening theme will be titled "Everlasting Shine" and mark the 12th opening for the anime overall. The episode this new opening will be debuted with has yet to be revealed, however, but it will most likely be held off at least until after Episode 140 considering Daisuke Sakuma's cameo.

Excited to see what this new character brings to Black Clover's anime series? What do you think of the latest opening theme of the series so far? How are you liking the anime's training arc overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!