Black Clover Shows Off New Noelle Form in Latest Episode

Black Clover showed off a new Noelle form in the latest episode of the series! Black Clover's anime might be coming to an end in just a few weeks, but the series is showing no signs of slowing down as the fights against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad continue with each new episode. While Zenon and Dante aimed at particular targets in the Clover Kingdom in order to fulfill their need for a certain ritual, Vanica had set her sights on Lolopechka in the Heart Kingdom. And this came to full fruition with the newest episode of the series.

Episode 165 of the series revisits the fight in the Heart Kingdom as Lolopechka works together with Noelle, Mimosa, and Nero to fight against Vanica. It turns out that much of their focus during the six months of training was combining all of their power to specifically take down this threat, and it's revealed that this training helped Noelle to reach a sleek and much faster version of her Valkyrie Armor known as Mermaid Form.

The episode begins Vanica's attack on Lolopechka and the others, and it's soon revealed that she has two magic abilities at her disposal thanks to her own magic and a powerful secondary magic thanks to her devil, Megicula. Lolopechka devised a plan to slow down Vanica's blood magic and trapped her within a whirlpool of water. As part of a tag team effort, Noelle used this Mermaid Form to swiftly move through the whirlpool.

By shedding off some of her armor and focusing it in different areas, Noelle became far much faster and the water assisted her piercing attacks. Unfortunately, this upgrade is not enough to defeat or even harm Vanica as it's quickly confirmed that her devil abilities go far beyond what Lolopechka and the others had anticipated. The episode ends this battle on a major cliffhanger as Nero attempted to seal her, so it seems we'll see what's to come in the next episode.

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