Black Clover Introduces the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad

Black Clover has introduced the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad to the anime with the newest episode! The first new episode of the year brought the anime into a brand new arc as the long awaited Spade Kingdom arc has finally begun. Taking place six months after Asta and the others began training together with the Heart Kingdom for the battle to come, the first new episode of the arc started the clash between the three kingdoms as the Spade Kingdom finally makes their move in an attempt to invade the remaining kingdoms.

Heading this effort to invade the remaining kingdoms after successfully taking over the Diamond Kingdom are the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. They're a trio of siblings who have risen to power at the top of the kingdom thanks to their contracts with three powerful devils. The newest episode officially brings them to the anime, but this is far from the last time we'll be seeing them.

After introducing Dante of the Dark Triad in a previous cliffhanger of the series, Black Clover Episode 158 officially introduces the three of them as they discuss losing one of their bases in the first real conflict against the Clover and Heart kingdoms. The trio of Dante, Zenon, and Vanica Zogratis brush off this loss as essentially nothing as they are more focused on harnessing their respective Devil abilities for the fight to come.

As it's revealed, Zenon and Vanica have about 40% of their Devil power under their control at this point but it was enough for Zenon to completely dominate the fighters of the Diamond Kingdom. That's not to mention how strong Dante could be as each of them has yet to reveal the full slate of their powers. But with the Spade Kingdom arc now fully underway in the anime it won't be long before we see the Dark Triad in action.

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