Bleach Animator Revives Ichigo's Most Terrifying Form in New Artwork

In honor of Bleach returning with a brand new anime installment that will be depicting the "Thousand Year Blood War" arc, as well as a new anime spin-off titled "Bleach: Burn The Witch", one of the animator behind bringing the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki to life has shared a brand new sketch for one of Ichigo Kurosaki's scariest transformations. As the series moved forward, our protagonist Ichigo discovered that he had a scary connection to the world of the spirits known as Hollows, granting him all new powers but also giving him a horrifying visage that is shown here!

Ichigo Kurosaki had to go through many life or death battles during the history of the anime franchise of Bleach, with the episode director of the series, Masashi Kudo, helping in bring these hard hitting fights to life. Though the anime ended years ago and left many fans heart broken that Ichigo and his pals weren't getting a proper ending, 2020 has seen the series see a resurgence with announcements that the final arc of the manga would be given its own anime adaptation after years of waiting. While we aren't sure if Bleach will see a true sequel, there's no better time for the popularity of the Soul Society to push that idea forward!

The animator and episode director of Bleach, Masashi Kudo, shared this fantastic sketch on his Official Twitter Account, sharing the second form of Ichigo Kurosaki accessing his hidden connection with the world of the Hollows and allowing his body to further be swallowed by the universe of vengeful spirits:

Kurosaki's Hollow Form originally presented itself during his attempt to save Rukia, his mentor and the one responsible for Ichigo learning more about his Shinigami abilities, from the Soul Society as she has been sentenced to death for her influence on the mortal world. Though it first appeared as simply a mask that would appear on Ichigo's face, as he began to learn more and master the ability, you can see that it dramatically changed his appearance and opened up new levels of power for the protagonist of Bleach to explore!


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