Bleach is Raunchier Than You Remember

With Bleach's final arc finally getting its official anime due next year, it's been a good time to look back on the series that we really haven't had a close eye on for a few years now. As the wait for the Thousand-Year Blood War's anime debut continues for some time, many of Bleach's most famous moments stand out for a completely different reason now. Because looking back on the series overall, there are a lot of moments are are definitely raunchier than you might remember. Seeing them again will definitely make you look at Bleach twice next time around.

It's not as outright raunchy as you would think when talking about a series' spicier elements, but there are definitely a few moments that were more sexually explicit in tone. Yet the series managed to slip these jokes in under the radar because they weren't too wild, but admittedly noticeably off color.

For example while there were a few raunchy jokes early on in the series (as was the case for many anime and manga series of that time), one of the most notable undoubtedly came during the Hueco Mundo arc of the series. When Nemu was left completely drained by Szayelaporro, Captain Kurotsuchi did something to her off-screen that caused her to moan and saw Ranji and Uryu get visibly embarrassed by what they were witnessing.

Bleach Nemu Revived Manga
(Photo: Viz Media)

This is the tone Bleach loves to take when it slips in these raunchy jokes like the sort of meta one during the Thousand Year-Blood War arc. When Yoruichi was battling against Askin, Urahara suddenly appears right behind her...behind and comments on it. Then he pats her butt to inject her with something and the name of the chapter appears on her rear. Not only was her look already bold, but this moment demonstrated that Kubo deliberately was going for a certain aesthetic.

Bleach Yoruichi Manga
(Photo: Viz Media)

These are only two major examples of the kind of raunchy jokes that Bleach snuck in over the course of the series, but do you remember some of its more hilarious moments? Like when Ichigo's dad told Rangiku he loved a particular look for her chest? Or when they pointed out Orihime's super bold final outfit? Did any of these jokes click with you back then or are they more noticeable going back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!