'Bleach' Game Reunites Anime Stars For Holiday Special

The holiday season is upon us, and Bleach is doing its part to brighten up the Soul Society. The series may have wrapped more than a year ago, but Tite Kubo's characters haven't been forgotten. After all, one of Bleach's game is reuniting its anime cast for a holiday special.

If you check out the official site for Bleach: Brave Souls, you will find a new promo on its front page. The hugely popular game is hosting an online stream to usher in the holidays and promote its next updates. Bankai Live: Holiday Special 2017 will be held on December 23 at 9:00 p.m. UTC, and you will want to set a reminder for the event.

"Enjoy your holidays with a Bankai Livestream," the site writes. "Join us as we celebrate with famous guests!"

So far, the schedule for Bleach has pegged a handful of famous voice actors to appear. Masakazu Morita will bring Ichigo Kurosaki to the party while Hiroki Yasumoto does the same for Chad. Shuhei Hisagi will visit via Katsuyuki Konishi, and the voice actors for America Aarigani and Kakko Kari will also appear.

A provisional program for the holiday stream has also been released. The event will kick off with a Brave Souls mystery marathon before a game is held to give audiences Spirit Orbs. The game will then announce more information about its holiday story campaign, and the voice actors will surely say some hilarious holiday wishes in their character's voice.

So, if you want to hear Ichigo butcher a Christmas carol, it will be worth tuning in.

If you are not familiar with Bleach, then you should know the series is a massively popular one with fans. The franchise began in 2001 under Kubo before an anime adaptation started in 2004. The supernatural series follows the life of a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki after he becomes a substitute Soul Reaper. The immensely gifted boy works with his partner Rukia to dispath evil souls and send others to their resting place. However, when Ichigo learns of the Soul Society and its strict customs, the hero discovers his world is in far more danger than he could have imagined.


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