Bleach: Michigan Police Confiscate a Zanpakuto in Recent Bust

Bleach made fans feel like they could win a fight with anyone after it introduced audiences to Ichigo Kurosaki. The orange-haired hero went from being a normal high school student to one of the most powerful Soul Reapers to ever exist. Of course, he has others on his side like Renji and Rukia... and it seems some people tried to channel the former in Michigan.

Over on Reddit, a post got the attention of Bleach fans when it outted a slew of weapons confiscated in Michigan's Bath Township. The haul features plenty of knives and low-grade guns, but the one that is grabbing all the focus is a certain sword.

After all, it isn't everyday you see Zabimaru get confiscated, and the toothed blade looks a bit smaller than Bleach fans anticipated.

Mall ninjas and meth dealers. This interesting haul was confiscated last night by the Bath Township police. from r/mallninjashit

As you can see above, the photographed evidence shows tons of weaponry which the Bath Township confiscated. No details were given on where the weapons were discovered, but the debut of Zabimaru is particularly hilarious to fans. Plenty of jokes have cropped up asking about a Soul Society gate in the Michigan town, but the theory is inconclusive at best.

Thankfully, the only way this sword can be used to its full potential is to have Renji wield it. In Bleach, this sword is a literal manifestation of his soul, and it responds to his command when he is in sync with Zabimaru. Others can use the world if they like, but they will not be able to use it well. And unless Renji is hiding out in Michigan, well - it is probably for the best to let police lock the sword up until the Soul Reaper arrives.


If you could bring a Bleach weapon into a life-or-death fight, which one are you taking with you? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated the weapon was seized in Ohio and has since been corrected to Michigan.