Bleach Creator Celebrates Manga's Return with New Art

Bleach has kept to itself in the years since its manga ended, but the hit series flared to life over a year ago. If you did not know, Tite Kubo took fans by surprise when he shared the anime was making a big comeback. Not only is the story's final arc heading to TV, but Ichigo returned to print when Kubo dropped a big new chapter this summer. And now, some new cover art for Bleach has gone live.

The update comes straight from Kubo himself as the artist posted his cover art for fans. The manga creator confirmed Bleach's one-shot is being rereleased as a standalone comic, and the digital release needed some cover art.

As you can see above, the artwork gives a new take on Ichigo that has fans buzzing big time. The Soul Reaper is still rocking bright orange hair, but it is styled back in a fresh new way.

Kubo went on to add shading to Ichigo's face which makes him look rather sinister. It doesn't help that the hero is looking down, giving his soft smile a sly twist. The rest of the artwork comes together with Kubo penning Ichigo's robes, and Bleach fans are loving this aged-up design.

After all, most of Bleach's die-hard fans grew up with the Soul Reaper, and they are now older than Ichigo was in high school. Their hero has grown much the same, and Kubo explored some of this in his latest chapter. After all, the update checked in on Ichigo ahead of a big Soul Society festival, and the man's son ended the one-shot on a tense note. Now, Soul Reapers are headed for yet another conflict, and Ichigo will have to surpass his own limits if he wants to save his son. 

What do you think about this latest work from Kubo? How hyped are you for the return of Bleach? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.