Bleach Creator Teases a Mystery Announcement

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War has taken over the anime fandom, and it is not hard to see why. The show was 10 years in the making by the time it debuted, after all. Ichigo Kurosaki's return heralded a nostalgia wave like none other, and of course, fans were glad to see creator Tite Kubo return to the franchise. And now, the artist has fans buzzing over a mysterious announcement.

As you can see below, Kubo posted a teaser on his Twitter that caught everyone's eye. The artist posted a simple date and time for the announcement, and its accompanying photo showcases Rukia Kuchiki.

Obviously, part of this photo is cut out, but fans can make out the letters 'GS' here. Rukia is here with a design any fan will recognize from Thousand-Year Blood War. But as for the others in this shot, we cannot make out any identities through a set of Shinigami robes can be seen.

What Could Be Planned?

Of course, fans are now speculating like mad over the post, and it seems two schools of thought are prevailing. It turns out most fans are convinced this teaser has to do with a new data book by Kubo. After all, the creator never did a data book for Thousand-Year Blood War, and there are countless questions such a book could answer. So as its anime carries on, Kubo may be planning to release a data book for Bleach's final act.

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As for the other hunch, well – it is a little harder to believe. Fans are admittedly hopeful this post refers to Kubo's recent revival of Bleach. The artist posted a lengthy new chapter of Bleach in 2021. It was there Kubo announced the series' continuation with the 'New Breathes From Hell' arc, but no updates have been given on the manga since. But of course, that could all change around 10:00 am JST on December 2nd!

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