Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 9 Stills Released

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is on the way with a new episode, and of course, all eyes are on the update. It won't be long before the series drops its ninth episode, after all. The series is working through the fallout of Yhwach's ambush, and the Soul Society is in total shambles at this point. But thanks to a new set of stills, we can see what episode nine will do about the invasion.

As you can see below, a few images were released ahead of Bleach's new episode. You can see a slew of familiar faces in these shots, and yes, Squad Zero does show up yet again.

In one of the new shots, fans can find Renji all dressed in bandages, and he is looking rather cross about something out of frame. We can see him in another shot dressed in his Shinigami robes, and he looks ready to destroy Ichigo. Given what context we have here, it seems this shot is some part of a flashback, so we will get to see even more of these two's bromance play out.

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As for the other shots, we see a close-up of Shunsui before the others check in on Squad Zero. It seems the next episode of Bleach will check in on the team, and that makes total sense given what we saw in this week's episode. Squad Zero arrived in the Soul Society once Yhwach left, and the Gotei 13 remnants met with the group. It seems the secret squad has been tasked with gathering intel on the Quincy terrorists, and they told Ichigo he needs to follow the group to the Soul Palace. And if fans are right, well – it won't be long before Ichigo meets the fabled Soul King.


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