Bleach's Coca Cola Flavor Has Fans in an Uproar

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War has brought back Ichigo Kurosaki, the Soul Society, and the Shonen universe created by Tite Kubo back to the small screen, and with the anime's return, new partnerships have been forged. Unfortunately, a major crossover between the anime franchise and Coca-Cola has left some folks scratching their heads due to a tagline that asked anime fans if they were ready for a certain flavor of the soda. The Wandenreich are on the prowl to overtake the spiritual world and have surprised anime fans, though this crossover might take the cake.

Bleach's new anime season hasn't wasted any time in presenting Soul Society with a terrifying threat in the form of the Wandenreich, an offshoot of the Quincy family that has an ax to grind with the supernatural organization, along with the Arrancar. As the Sternritter have now arrived inside of Soul Society headquarters, many captains have come to the horrifying realization that these new foes have the ability to steal their Bankais, taking a major weapon from the Soul Reapers' arsenal. With this arc being the last full storyline in the manga, expect some of the biggest battles that Ichigo and his allies have ever experienced.

What Flavor of Coke??

One Twitter User shared their disbelief when it came to the partnership between the Shonen franchise and Coca-Cola, with the collaboration seemingly asking potential patrons if they have ever wondered "what Bleach tastes like", which might have non-anime fans scratching their heads:

With four episodes down in Studio Pierrot's anime adaptation that brings fans back into the realm of the Soul Society, fans should buckle in for plenty more as around fifty-two will ultimately make up the final tally for Bleach's resurgence. Creator Tite Kubo returned to the franchise last year with a new special chapter that gave Ichigo and company a terrifying new threat to deal with, while also taking place years following the Blood War's conclusion. At present, there has been no word on whether new chapters of Bleach will appear in Weekly Shonen Jump, though with the popularity of the new anime season, it might only be a matter of time until the Soul Society springs back to life in the manga.

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