Boruto Shows How Clever Jiraiya Really Is With Major Sasuke Reveal

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime continues its exciting Time Travel arc that has brought [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime continues its exciting Time Travel arc that has brought Boruto and Sasuke back to the Konohagakure of the past, during the era in between the original Naruto series and Naruto: Shippuden. So far, Boruto and Sasuke have maintained the discipline of true Back to the Future-style time travelers, by carefully concealing their true identities, and avoiding any interactions with people close to them in present day. Of course that challenge is easier said than done, and in the latest episode, it seems the Boruto and Sasuke's luck has run out, as Jiraiya reveals that he's managed to discover Sasuke's true identity!

Warning: Boruto episode 132 SPOILERS Follow!

In "Jiraiya's Assignment", The Toad Sage takes young Naruto and Boruto under his wing for a new training regiment. We know now that Jiraiya has sussed out the connection between Boruto and Naruto (however impossible it may seem), and since he knows their chakra is so similar, Jiraiya is betting that the pair can achieve a new Fusion jutsu technique, in the form of a powerful fused Rasengan.

Boruto and Naruto get to work training, but some lingering issues in each of their heads makes the synchronization impossible. Boruto is traumatized from getting injured by Naruto when his Nine-Tails power spiraled out of control; Naruto, meanwhile, is too hung up on his anguish over Sasuke defecting from Team 7 to properly focus. Jiraiya (again, realizing the situation) manipulates Sasuke into taking some food to young Naruto, an act which prompts a touching scene between Young Naruto and Adult Sasuke. Sasuke convinces Young Naruto to find his resolve and never stop trying to get his lost friend back, by telling Naruto (without telling him) that the effort will eventually pay off. The discussion leaves Sasuke feeling all kinds of feels - in fact, Sasuke is so far into his feelings that he doesn't even notice when he bumps into Sakura on the road. When Sakura tries to interact with him Sasuke flees in a panic, never realizing that he drops a photo from present day - a photo that Sakura discovers.

Sasuke flees back to the woods where he can hopefully find solitude to think - but Jiraiya is there waiting for him. Jiraiya plays coy, still pretending to be the friendly mentor to Naruto, but when Sasuke tries to excuse himself, Jiraiya calls him out by name!

A lot of longtime Naruto fans have been speculating about what Jiraiya's role in this arc would be - and how it will end. The prevailing theory has been that the Toad Sage would figure out who Adult Sasuke and Boruto are, but will heroically resign himself to his tragic fate, wisely knowing it's the only way for Naruto to achieve his goal, and or Sasuke to find his way back ot redemption. This episode has certainly suggested that will be the case, as the cliffhanger with Jiraiya has set up a powerful dialogue between him and Sasuke to occur next episode.

Originally created by Masashi Kishimoto for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999, Naruto follows a young ninja, with a sealed demon within him, that wishes to become the leader of his home village. The series ran for 700 chapters overall, and was adapted into an anime series by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex that ran from 2002 to 2017. The series was popular enough to warrant a sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations which is set several years after the events of the original Naruto story and features the children of many of its key characters such as Naruto and Hinata.